Our story starts here ...


We want to give children characters they can relate to and find inspirational.


We aim to teach children through imaginative story’s rather than throwing information at them.


We need to introduce real issues so children can grow and prepare for future trials and tribulations as they change the world.


We heard the need to create heartfelt poetry that teaches them the importance of words and expression.


We saw the need for hand painted water colour art, that capture the attention of a child's imagination as it moves with dynamics across the page.


Welcome to

Minaret Mountain Books.


We make books that move hearts.



Devina Aisha Sharma- Founder/Author

Salaams! My name is Devina, revert of 10 years, mother of four children living in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Sydney, Australia.

Growing up in Australia in the 90s I couldn't find myself in the media, in toys and dolls and especially not in books. There was a lack of representation for minorities.


I hope you find your children represented in these stories inshaAllah. 

Let's keep in touch ! Follow us on our social media to see what we are up to and for new releases inshaAllah!

Roger Ibn Tyrone - Author/Illustrator

Salaam Alaykum, my name is Roger!


I was brought up in a very imaginative family, where my parents encouraged all roads of artistic creativity. After reverting in year 2000, I had tried many ways to release my inventive and poetic side.

Alhumdulilah, now after four children, I have found a space to tell my stories and share my paintings. My children's imagination and joy for stories has helped inspire many of the illustrations through out the book.


I hope you and your children will enjoy them!

Hope you guys have a great Ramadan!