Ramadan Interactive Activity Pack

Ramadan Interactive Activity Pack

21 hands-on activities ready to keep your kids engaged and learning this Ramadan!

Watch more here on how each activity comes together.

-Ramadan countdown

-Ramadan action plan

-Dua dates cards

-Ramadan agamograph

-Good deeds catcher

-Three parts of Ramadan duas

-Iftar table

-Moon phases

-Sunnah of breaking fast folding card

-Ramadan Mubarak folding card

-Happy Ramadan card

-Dua for you card 1

-Dua for you card 2

2021 - 3 additions

-Fasting is a shield

- Ramadan Jannah Gates

- Ramadan Cube Countdown - Scene (30 individual cubes make up a Ramadan scene)

 2022 - 5 NEW additions

- Ramadan Drummer Boy

- Jannah Doors Open


- Sunnah Hadith Dates and Water

- Masjid Sadaqah Box


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