My Ramadan Gratitude Moments

Filled with bite-sized knowledge and Alhamdulillah prompts for each day of the special month, My Ramadan Gratitude Momentstakes children on a colourful moon phase journey that captures the spirit of Ramadan as they explore appreciation with a focus on self, faith, family and community.


Tasks are suited for varied learning styles, ranging from spiritual acts, mental reflection, writing, creating and observing. The prompts encourage children to explore gratitude and 'Alhamdulillah' moments in various ways and from different perspectives.


Samia has employed her expertise to make tricky psycho-spiritual Islamic concepts child-friendly, educational and fun. All you have to do is simply guide your child's gratitude.


My Ramadan Gratitude Moments will help children to:

Grow closer to Allah during the 30 days of Ramadan and beyond

Find out about the importance of gratitude in Islam and psychology

Learn how gratitude is a superpower that releases ‘happy chemicals’, Dynamic Dopamine and Super Serotonin

Discover the benefits of a daily gratitude practice on self, family and community

Understand how to find Alhamdulillah moments, when they feel inspired to praise and thank Allah

Paperback, 88 pages, square sized


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