Prophets inspired art&craft

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Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - Quran verse 96:1


Blow painting: yellow paint

-Represents the light of the Quran and the word first word given 'Iqra'


Craft: gold glitter and glue


Other ideas:

- yellow cellophane

- glitter glue

Prophet Nuh (as) - Quran verse 71:11


Blow painting: blue paint


Craft: bubble wrap, blue paint and brush.


Other ideas:

- crepe paper rolled into balls and stuck on with glue. 

- finger paint rain

Prophet Ibrahim (as) - Quran verse 21:69


Blow painting: yellow, orange and red paint


Craft: sticks, yellow and red cellophane


Other ideas: Crepe paper,

- add in blue to your craft to show the 'coolness'

Prophet Musa (as) - Quran verse 26:64


Blow painting: yellow and blue paint


Craft: crayons, yellow and blue cardboard. 

- Fold blue cardboard into thirds,

- Fold both outer thirds in half.

- Cut yellow strip to represent sand.

- Draw in ocean animals or use animal stickers



Prophet Sulaiman (as) - Quran verse 27:18-19


Blow painting: brown paint

Drop a small amount of paint at the top of the ant hill. Blow thru your straw at a 90 degree angle to create a thin lines to represent the inside of the ant hill.


Craft: brown paper, black paint, q-tips and glue.

- Tear paper and glue down in the shape of an ant hill.

- Using a qtip paint on ants crawling around the ant hill.


Other ideas:

Finger stamp paint ants.

Prophet Yunus (as) - Quran verse 21:87


Blow painting: yellow paint

Drop a small amount of paint in the hole of the whale and add as necessary.


Craft: blue paint, cute kids hand


Prophet Blow Art Painting

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Prophet Crafts

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