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Daris The Bosniak        17.95


The Butterfly Refugee   16.95


It's Jummah Day             15.95

Sandala Wooden Bookmark

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Bookish Delight


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Only Little sweet book treat!


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Single Books

Daris the Bosniak: An Epic Eid Poem

Read about our hero Daris the Bosniak and his friends as they enjoy a beautiful Eid day when a tragedy befalls their town.

Will they be able to save their town in time? 



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The Butterfly Refugee

A poetic narrative following the journey of a little girl seeking refuge. Read More...


Recommended age 8+

As this book is about refugees there will be some sensitive topics.

34 pages.


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It's Jummah Day

A slice of life poem about two boys enjoying their favourite day of the week Jummah Day! Read More ... 


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Sandala Wooden Bookmark

Sandala Wooden Bookmark

Made from quality wood made to last and hand stained. These gorgeous bookmarks represent our Prophet Muhamad's ﷺ sandal. A perfect compliment to our books that can be carried with your child as they take their footsteps into a future of knowlege.


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Signature Wax Seal Packaging

Our signature packaging crafted using high quality kraft paper, and stamped with our signature red wax seal with the Minaret Mountain Books logo. This is hand poured and sealed.

The perfect touch for gifting!