Ink & Quills -Mystery of the Blue Mountains panther

Daris the Bosniak - An Epic Eid Poem

Read about our hero Daris the Bosniak and his friends as they enjoy a beautiful Eid day when a tragedy befalls their town.

Will they be able to save their town in time? 


Enjoy this epic adventure of this European Islamic tale set in the breathtaking scenery of 

Bosnia, told in the traditional style of epic heroic songs and poems of the Balkans. 

A chapter book made for early readers but enjoyable by all ages. 

With its imaginative illustrations, this heroic Islamic tale will sure be a heartfelt enjoyment for children.


This story is uses Bosnia and Herzegovina as its backdrop from a time in the past.

The Butterfly Refugee

 An inspirational story to help keep hope alive even through the hard times, as the future is unknown and you never know the blessings yet to come around the corner.

It's Jummah Day

A slice of life poem about two boys enjoying their favourite day of the week Jummah Day! Join these two brothers on their day following the sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (saw) and travelling with their father to the masjid. Teach your kids about the value of going to Friday prayer and how it becomes a special family day for Muslims around the world. Read it to them on a Thursday night after Surah Yasin and get them excited about going to the Masjid!

Suitable for all ages.