Islamic Shapes Notan Art

You will need:

2 different coloured pieces of paper or cardboard.





Make a watercolour background.



Cut out half of the shape you desire using the paper you would like to create the design with. 

Here as an example I have used a white piece of paper, and cut out half of an 8 point star design. 



Use contrasting coloured papers. 

Or 2 papers in the same colour family but different shades.

Cut out a 1cm strip following the outside of your chosen shape.

It does not have to be perfect or ruled out try your best.

After every strip make sure to glue it down in place.

Now you will have a smaller shape of your original shape.

Again cut out a 1cm strip following the outside of your shape.

Flip this strip over so it is opposite to the piece stuck down. Glue it down inside of the first strip so it is touching.

Continue this process, your next strip you will cut will be laid down the same as the first strip you had glued.

You will alternate sides and glue them down.

Glue each strip inside of each other touching top and bottom to achieve a nice symmetrical look. 


Please share them with me!

I would love to see your kiddies finish art!

Lots of love

Devina x